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Restoring the Pristine Condition of Your Glass Windows & Doors


Dependable Glass LTD repairs and replaces all residential windows and doors. Our commercial department can fix, repair, or replace any and all storefront problems. We are located in Surrey, British Columbia, but service the whole Lower Mainland. Though our services cover many different glass applications, some of our most common projects include:

• Plate & Window Glass
• Sealed/Insulated Units
• Old & New Commercial Construction
• Patio Doors
• Mall Storefronts & Entrances
• Glass Railings

• Skylights
• Tabletop Mirrors

Residential & Commercial Work

Homeowners come to us for both single- and double-glazed units. We often install and repair skylights, patio doors, glass shelving, and tabletops. We also work on mirrors, glass railings, and specially customized 10mm or 12mm shower door panels. Business owners enlist our help in all manners of new construction and renovation. This includes mall glazing, patio and entrance canopies, and pool and deck railings. Our glass and aluminum professionals are able to completely replace damaged storefronts.

Contact us for additional information about commercial or residential windows or glasswork.